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Welcome to the International Supreme Council of Waffles (Geneva)

What is to be expected from the Waffle Log Blog? We will visit various waffle huts, breakfast diners, and the tables of our waffle enthused friends. You can expect a review of the waffle, the experience, and other oddities or observations that occur while waffling.

Why Geneva? Because we’re neutral. And we bank there.

Suggested Rating System

Using the precision method of the classic, trusted, and true: five point rating scale. Displayed as such: 1/5, 2/5, 3/5, or 4/5, but never a 5/5. We recognize that perfection is unattainable, but extraordinary is.

*A Message from the International Supreme Council of Waffles (ISCoW): Categories and Rating System are not mandatory. The ISCoW is a strong advocate for personal rights and freedoms. Do whatever you want.

Suggested Categories

Colour, Outer Texture, Inner Texture, Overall Flavour, Butter Qualities, Syrup Qualities.
Optional Category: Other Toppings (if applicable).

The ISCoW attempts to judge each waffle in a controlled manner by assessing its capabilities as a delivery system for butter and syrup because the waffle is, after all, a vehicle food.

Founding Members of ISCoW: Sly, Dougie, Fun Time Douglas, Veronica, and Critical Bill.
(The Council recognizes that Sly, Dougie, Fun Time Douglas, and Veronica are all the same person, Bill is just Bill. Try and follow along) 

Guest Wafflers: Jojo, J-Dog, KPop, Space-Cate, Josh Wild Card Black, Pete the Patient Pirate, DJ Guru Lou, The Admiral, Arelasaurus/Even More Fun Time Douglas, The Valkyries, Paige Against The Machine, smoonie, Suz, and more to come.
Anonymous conglomerates of waffle adjacent folks: The Hangover Bunch, The Sunday Brunch Gang, and Gaggle o’ Coworkers.