Waffle Suplex

Wrestling & Waffles at the Doug House for the Elimination Chamber Match February 12th, 2017.

The gang gathered for a wholesome Sunday night Wrestling pay-per-view and suplexed some waffles while they were at it. A buttermilk cornmeal recipe from the infamous Will It Waffle book was used and fruit, syrup, and butter were the tasty toppings.

The Death Star waffle maker was fully operational.

With a tip from Moon Unit Alpha tipped Dougie off to a MINI waffle maker. It’s high powered little gadget that actually produces the perfect sized waffle when you think about it. It offers the opportunity to customize the flavour of many tiny waffles as opposed to trying to section off a larger waffle.

The excitement of wrestling overshadowed my note-taking for these waffles so I revisit this recipe in a later post! But, I can say: it was pretty good! Especially if you are a fan of corn bread and the flavour of buttermilk. Yum! The Will It Waffle book is a great read of 53 recipes and really takes the waffle iron unexpected places…

The Miz’s look of shock and horror when Baron Corbin threw AJ Styles into one of the chamber walls: 5/5
The waffles 3/5

Batter Up, Big Apple

Sweet Chick, on the Lower East Side, New York City
January 2017

I went to New York and all I got was this baggy T-Shirt.

I joke! I went to New York and I experienced immense museums, delicious dining, hysterical comedy, powerful live music, and a completely bonkers New Years Eve Surrealist Ball. But that’s not what you want to hear about it is? No! You want waffles! So without any further distraction:

Sweet chick waffle $12
Fresh berries, ricotta, spiced honey

  • Outside: CRISP!
  • Inside: FLUFFY!
  • Flavour: Balance of sweet and savory tickling the tongue!
  • Colour: GOLDEN!
  • Toppings: Refreshing and rich!

I know I am a huge spokesperson for the vehicular properties of waffles especially in regard to how they deliver butter and syrup to your mouth. This statement is still true. However, I do appreciate the new horizons the Waffle Log Blog opens me up to. I truly appreciate visiting various restaurants with skilled chefs creating new profiles of flavour within the ever supportive squares of waffles.

This is all to say: the fresh fruit is always a nice addition to all breakfasts but the real remarkable ingredients on this waffle was the ricotta cheese and spiced honey. Everything combined was a delectable feast for the eyes and the mouth. Especially the spiced honey. I had never tasted anything like it before.

Sweet Chick claims to have the best waffles in New York City and my vacation was not nearly long enough to put that statement to the test but I’ll readily admit they were some of the best waffles I have tasted.

Sweet Chick NYC Gallery: http://sweetchick.com/gallery

For the Chicken and Waffle frenzied folks I made note that the menu includes Chicken and Waffles with your choice of waffle and a vegetarian chicken option.

Chicken and waffles
Fried Chicken and Waffles with Choice of Waffle: Classic, Bacon-Cheddar, Dried Cherry, Rosemary-Mushroom, Apple Cinnamon or Spiced-Pecan
(vegetarian fried chicken available)

I did not try this item despite it’s appetizing options and decided on the classic waffle in the spirit of fairness and I have already indulged in some amazing fried chicken at the ridiculous fun Brooklyn Bowl the night prior (I think I dreamed of a place like Brooklyn Bowl when I was younger: a music venue, a bowling alley, and a fried chicken restaurant. Amazing).

On with the rating!

Sweet Chick Waffle
4.8/5 – Fun Time Douglas


Hudson’s Downtown
December 2016

Fun Time Douglas frequents gatherings called “Drink ‘n’ Draws” and the only draw back is: she is unable to draw. With friendly instruction she attends these gatherings regardless of her lack of skill and thoroughly enjoys the company of her talented friends. 

The chain restaurant Hudson’s is generally good at accommodating a large group, ideal for the Drink ‘n’ Draw, and this visit it featured a seasonal menu that included the still growing in popularity: Chicken and Waffles! So, once again the sweet savoury southern combo was ordered only this version had a “Canadian Twist” (Hudson’s does vigorously market itself as “Canada’s Pub” after all). 

So, here’s what happened:

The chicken and waffles were served hot out of the kitchen with a variety of toppings:

– Cinnamon sugar
– Whipped cream
– Maple chilli syrup (the “Canadian Twist”)

The waffle was too sweet. The maple chilli syrup was very, very tasty and had a great sweet heat to it. The cinnamon sugar seemed like overkill given the waffles already too sweet status. The whipped cream also seemed too sugary especially considering it’s sugar laden companions on the plate. Could’ve been more crisp and golden, in Fun Time Douglas’s opinion. The chicken was A-OK but nothing really stand-out. Pretty well exactly what you’d expect from a chain pub: serviceable. 

A crisp, savoury, golden waffle topped with maple chilli syrup and some very mildly sweetened whipped cream would have been on the mark for a great waffle.

Also, why is maple chilli considered Canadian? Chilli peppers originally hail from Mexico. Delicious syrup nonetheless. The following score hinges entirely on the syrup.

Funtime Douglas: 2/5

Exposing Critical Bill To A New Concept

The Common
November 15th, 2016

Fun Time Douglas, Critical Bill, and Magnum PI set out on a cool November night for dinner and ended up at the hip downtown joint: The Common. Chicken and waffles was on the menu and Bill revealed that he’s never had the classic, and suddenly trendy, combination of fried chicken and waffles. So, here we go…

This post is going be done in Critical Bill’s own style: brief, no bullshit, and full of expletives.

Critical Bill: Waffle ok. Best when hot, the quality disintegrated with time. Whatever the fuck that berry shit was it was good. Chicken ok. Juicy. Butter was top flight. Combo of all the components was pretty tasty. Maybe not sold on the concept and my cocktail went all wrong! Company kept was superb. Wouldn’t have my waffles any other way than with good fucking company.

Fun Time Douglas: it was too dark to take a picture of the waffles. Just imagine a round waffle cut into it’s quadrants, stacked on their side, served with two pieces of fried chicken, a pad of butter placed on top, and that “berry shit*” on the side (*a blackberry compote, I think, and it was in fact quite good).

Fun Time Douglas agrees that the combination of flavours was pretty tasty with the juicy chicken raising the profile of this waffle.

Our guest, Magnum PI, commented: it was just a pleasure to behold the ISCoW founding members at work.

3.6/5 – Fun Time Douglas
3.3.3/5 Critical Bill also shown as 3.299999

Scandalously Delicious

Place: Scandelicious, Vancouver
October 29th, 2016

Fun Time Douglas took a spontaneous journey to Vancouver Land during Halloween 2016 to visit her dear friend, Paige: Against The Machine. On this journey Fun Time Douglas was treated to spooky weather, long walks, museums, music, and a firework display that was most unexpected (but welcomed!) But that’s not why you’re here. Let’s get on with it…

Thanks to a travel savvy coworker a few waffle establishments were suggested to Fun Time Douglas before she embarked on this coastal excursion. First up: Scandelicious was charmingly Scandinavian in theme with Viking-like adornments and overall cozy atmosphere. Observing the chalk board display Fun Time Douglas marvelled at their dedication to waffles. The menu was extensive and the styles diverse!

Paige Against the Machine selected the Chicken and Waffles selection on the menu. And here are her notes:

Meat to waffle ratio was perfect.
Chicken was great, scrumptious even.
Sour cream was an unexpected addition, though a pleasant one.
Did not use the syrup because Paige Against the Machine does not like sweet savoury combos because it’s “weird”.
However, maple bacon was more than acceptable!

Fun Time Douglas ordered two waffles because she’s a dedicated ISCoW member and, well, she was on vacation right? That’s a justifiable reason to indulge in gluttonous activities. The first waffle sampled was the Classic waffle with butter and syrup, of course. The waffle was a warm golden hue, the pre melted butter a revelation (previously realized), the flavour was a balanced sweet and savory with airy pockets that delivered syrup. The only note that Fun Time Douglas noted was that it could have been crispier.

Fun Time Douglas is a prairie born and raised individual, so, when visiting any kind of waterfront location she makes a point of ordering water dwelling food items. The smoked salmon, caper, and onion waffle with cream cheese was a real g’damn treat.

Perhaps two waffles was too ambitious but, “I regret nothing” Funtime Douglas stated.

Let’s also recognize how gorgeous the sunshine on the damn near harbour front patio was. Gorgeous. The company kept was perfect and not just the coffee and sunshine but Paige Against the Machine brought her A-Waffle-Game and was an excellent transplanted Vacouverite host.


Paige Against the Machine: 4/5
Fun Time Douglas: 4.1/5

MEAT for Breakfast

Place: MEAT, Edmonton
August 22nd, 2016

In 2016 The Brunch Crew was going strong with bunches of Sunday brunches that would often spiral into Sunday Fundays. However, this isn’t a Sunday Funday blog. Those adventures shall remain responsibly undocumented except for the fond memories.

The dollop of fluffy whipped butter took centre stage on this waffle while the waffle itself was a reliable, raw sugar infused, vehicle for the toppings. Crisp, golden, and quite the sweet treat. The sugar in the batter was an excellent companion to the rich and juicy fried chicken. The chicken was, as you might expect from a restaurant called MEAT, well crafted and incredibly delicious.

The only less than amazing comment Dougie to be made about these waffles is that they were, perhaps, too heavy on the inside lacking that light fluffy interior that the ISCoW adores.

The savoury seasoning on the chicken with the nearly candied waffle and rosemary maple syrup made a handsome and delicious pair.

Additionally, the beverages were of note: a black coffee, a tall glass of water, and a bourbon caesar. Quite the combination for a Sunday Funday.

Rating: 4.7/5

Brunching Down

Place: Daravara, Edmonton
November 29th,  2015

Fun Time Douglas and Even More Fun Time Douglas spent the weekend of November 29th, 2015 in secret studio mode crafting a covert birthday present for their Mother. When the sisters finally emerged from their seclusion of the darkroom and print studio they boisterously brunched together at Daravara.

Fun Time Douglas had recently tried the lunch-dinner menu’s clubhouse waffle-which and upon realizing the difficulty of comparing a savory chicken and waffles meal to a breakfast waffle she was enthusiastic to try the pub’s sweeter brunch fare.

The buttermilk butter was all aces in flavour, what an ingenious idea. The sister’s agreed the exterior of the waffle could’ve used that extra light crispy finesse as the waffle was a touch soft although not at all soggy. The customary side of bacon was of another calibur: thick cut, smoky, crispy, and bursting with bacon flavour.

The break for sustenance was very enjoyable, Daravara has great atmosphere, the friendliest of staff, and they know how to knock out some pretty tasty waffles: sweet and savory.



Valkyrie Breakfast ECCC 2015

Place: The Bookstore Cafe, Seattle
Date: March 29th 2015

Fun Time Douglas was on her second annual (by the time you read this she will have returned from her fourth annual) trip to Seattle for the celebrated Emerald City Comic Con. This road trip is a must, in Fun Time Douglas’s opinion, for comic lovers as ECCC has a very excellent contingent of comic creators in attendance. Also, at this particular point in time Fun Time Douglas was a part-time employee at her local comic shop (LCS) and connected to a network of ladies and non-binaries who also worked in LCSs. This network is called, The Valkyries. It was at ECCC 2014 that this contingent of The Valkyries first met for breakfast to share a meal before the geek filled day started at the convention. Continuing the tradition The Valkyries met at The Bookstore Cafe, downtown Seattle, for breakfast on March 29th, 2015 and Fun Time Douglas ordered the waffle.

Overwhelmed with the excitement of seeing new and old online friends Fun Time Douglas did not take very good notes about this waffle. She wasn’t overwhelmed by the waffle itself, though it was a good vehicle for the toppings served. Notably, the strawberry rhubarb compote and real whipped cream toppings were a sweet and tart treat on the taste-buds. The cafe itself was charming with excellent staff accommodating our large reservation with grace and efficiency.

Fun Time Douglas enjoyed the waffle quite a lot but enjoyed the company of her cohorts most of all. The Bookstore Cafe’s breakfast was excellent fuel for a nerdtacular Saturday at Emerald City Comic Con. To learn more about The Valkyries, who they are, what they do, and more you can find them on social media on Facebook and Twitter. Fun Time Douglas highly recommends following them on Twitter for New Comic Book Day (#NCBD and #ValkRecs) updates and book suggestions! 



Engineered To Near Perfection

Place: Buttermilk Fine Waffles, Calgary
October 12th, 2015 (and ongoing)

So, Fun Time Douglas (Dougie) visits Calgary frequently and needed to redeem the previous waffle experience in the city to the south (read at your own risk here). The Council also welcomes back the guest waffler, Even More Fun Time Douglas (a.k.a. Arelasaurus) for her comeback. This time Arel’s reconnaissance delved deeper in the Calgary’s waffle scene and she reviewed reviews and cross-examined recommendations. So, the sisters embarked to a new establishment called, Buttermilk Fine Waffles. On 17th Avenue the restaurant had a youthful appeal with a hip design, not exactly Dougie’s style as she leans towards the classic diner aesthetic, but Arelasaurus dug it. The service was cafeteria style so the Dougie-Duo sat at the bar to see the waffle action as it happened. Arel marvelled at the high tech orange juicing machine and Dougie made note that this establishment was solely dedicated to waffles. Noble, indeed.

Notably, Buttermilk has been the first restaurant with good coffee (special note: coffee was not had at Cha Island, so it’s exempt from this statement and besides Dougie has it on good authority that the coffee is excellent). The coffee comes from local Calgary coffee roasters Phil & Sebastian. Other important features are not just the waffle prep system, high tech waffle irons, and friendly staff but the real maple syrup and a revelation to Dougie, pre-melted butter. Genius.

Arel ordered the Ham Waffle served with ham, asiago cheese, grana padano, and green onion. Her main comment was, “the toasted cheese is DYNAMITE.”

Dougie ordered The Classic, of course. Served with the pre-melted butter and real maple syrup. What did she think about this hip new waffle? Well… The notes read:

“Evenly cooked and golden! Crispy outside! Fluffy inside! The pre-melted butter was an excellent bonus accompanied by the real maple syrup. It was a lovely balance of a slightly savory waffle with sweet syrupy goodness.” What else could be said about this waffle, it’s everything Dougie had been looking for. 


Fun Time Douglas: 4.9/5
Even More Fun Time Douglas: 4.75/5

Why a 4.9/5 and not a 5? That would mean subscribing to the value system that perfection is attainable, a state of unflawed completeness. There are certain implications of believing that the subjective can be perfect. After all, the subject of the waffle is indeed subjective.

Since the Dougie-Duo was sitting up at the waffle bar the owner of Buttermilk overheard Dougie’s enthusiastic praise and he shared some waffle secrets, which will not be uttered here. He’s running a great business down there at Buttermilk Fine Waffles with Movie Mondays and a modest collection of board games.

Perhaps needless to say at this point but Dougie visits Buttermilk Fine Waffles almost every time she visits Calgary, which, as it was mentioned already is quite frequently. In fact, during a summery June night of some serious karaoke Dougie discovered (after raving about waffles to her karaoke cohorts) that these pals also had a deep appreciation of waffles. And thus the Calgary Waffle Club was formed as an extension of the International Supreme Council of Waffles. It should be noted that the YYC Waffle Club does some serious research but we tend to convene at this favoured establishment for revelry and waffles.

The menu has a great selection of sweet and savoury options with a seasonal waffle adding variety making a trip to Buttermilk Fine Waffles an absolute treat. These waffles could not come more highly recommended.

Thanks for reading this slightly longer, but warranted, Waffle Log Blog post. See you on the flip side, wafflers!

Not So Trivial

Place: Smitty’s Gateway Blvd/Calgary Trail
I don’t remember but it was Shark Week 2015

Fun Time Douglas and Critical Bill set out on a more spontaneous waffle adventure and ended up at Smitty’s with what you could only call awkward décor with seemingly superfluous wooden beams and metal siding to create an effect? Dougie and Bill, with out intent, sat each facing appropriate televisions. Bill faced the Baseball game and Dougie faced Shark Week on the Discovery channel. Two waffles with two sides of bacon were ordered (what did you expect?) and the service was top-notch. Basically, the waffle itself was fine. As Dougie and Bill agreed, there was nothing wrong with it but also nothing great about it. It was the ultimate mediocre waffle. If you’re looking for your extra regular average waffle, check out Smitty’s. The council made a note; Bill was served a generous portion of bacon and Dougie was not.  She even remarked that she may have been jipped. Bacon jipped. Bill shared his bacon because despite his critical nature he is a pretty friendly fella. 

The highlight of Smitty’s was the bottle of Heinz Ketchup (this is not a product placement). The Ketchup bottle had a QR-Code that a smartphone could scan and it lead the user to a mobile game of Trivial Pursuit. Fun Time Douglas and Critical Bill love trivia. They agreed that they would play until they solved all six categories in a row. It did not take long between Bill’s knowledge of sports and Dougie’s knowledge of cartoons and their combined interest in history and geography. 

Fun Time Douglas: 2-2.5/5
Critical Bill: 3/5