Introduction To the International Supreme Council of Waffles (Geneva)

From its humble beginnings on Feb 14th, 2015 The ISCoW (Geneva) flourishes in bringing both the love of the noble waffle and critical discourse to reviewing and searching globally the best of waffle world. Situated in beautiful Geneva overlooking stunning Lac Leman under the majesty of the Alps and Jura Mountains the Council was established to fulfill the highest standards.

The first was to be not nearly as corrupt as FIFA or the International Olympic Committee but an institute built on semi-incorruptible standards and fair play.

The love of waffles drives the institute, the search for great waffles and bringing our results to you the waffle loving public, our mission. At the Institute we are cognizant that perfection is unattainable, but extraordinary is. Our Chief Executive Officer will delve into the many components of what makes the truly memorable waffle experience.

I wish you the best in your reading and in your personal waffle growth.

Yours in waffles,

Critical Bill

p.s. We have no truck with fucking Crepes or pancakes. If you want a fucking pancake go to IHOP, if you want a fucking Crepe go to France.

Author: Sylvia Douglas

ISCoW Founding Member & Chief Executive Officer