The Spirit of the Waffle

A Friendly Waffle Off

In the early Spring of 2015, Fun Time Douglas was invited to judge two waffles in “The Spirit of the Waffle Competition” (qtd. Josh Wild Card Black). Jojo and J-Dog prepared their batter, toppings, and provided their own waffle irons. This was truly Iron Chef Edmonton, in Jojo’s 123rd Street apartment and I was the Chairperson. So, representing the International Supreme Council of Waffles (ISCoW) I drafted my rating rubric to establish the playing field. The friendly competitors were not informed of the criteria beforehand to uphold their waffle creativity.

The Waffles that were prepared are:

  • J-Dog: The Pina Colada: the batter contained coconut and was topped with a coconut cream and pineapple sauce
  • Jojo: Vegan Banana Caramel: a banana based batter waffle that was topped with a caramel sauce and fresh blueberry jam

Each waffle was tasted with the creator’s desired presentation and toppings and judged based on its entirety. Then the waffles were also tasted with only butter and syrup as toppings and judged as a control-variable-waffle.

The results:

J-Dog’s Pina Colada Waffle:

  • Colour: Golden 5/5
  • Outside Texture: Crispy 5/5
  • Inside Texture: Fluffy 4/5
  • Overall Flavour: Coconut is a win 5/5
  • Toppings: 5/5
  • Butter/Syrup: very good waffle iron, deep pockets for delivery 5/5

Jojo’s Vegan Banana Caramel Waffle:

  • Colour: Warm Brown 4/5
  • Outside Teture: Crisp but not light 4/5
  • Inside Texture: Banana made it soft and moist 3/5
  • Overall flavour: Complimentary flavours 5/5
  • Butter/Syrup: butter was delicious, like on banana bread 5/5

J-Dog’s Pina Colada: 29/30

Jojo’s Vegan Banana Caramel: 25/30

Both performed exceptionally. But it was the crispy golden outside, fluffy inside, and excellent butter/syrup vehicular properties that made J-Dog’s a success. Though, J-Dog almost lost points for smack-talk. Jojo maintained her quiet confidence and was not goaded by J-Dog’s barbs. She was a most gracious of hosts.

ISCoW thanks KPop, Space-Cate, & Josh Wild Card Black for their participation in this friendly waffle off.

Both Jojo and J-Dog presented creative and tasty waffles that will be forever remembered by the International Supreme Council of Waffles.

Fun Time Douglas, signing off.


For The Love Of Waffles

Place: Cha Island Tea Co. Edmonton AB
Wafflers: Dougie & Critical Bill

The unintentional inaugural Valentines Day meeting of the International Supreme Council of Waffles: “For The Love of Waffles” took place on February 14th 2015.

Before we begin, I must remind readers that the International Supreme Council of Waffles is in search of the best waffle. In order to achieve our goal we had to set high standards. So, if our critique on the waffle in question seems harsh it is because we are committed to our task. Also, the rules of the ISCoW are that each individual member makes their own criteria and/or waffle rubric. It allows for a diverse Council with a larger breadth of perspectives in the hopes of serving all waffle desires. So let’s get on with it, man…  

A nice cozy atmosphere was appreciated on this snowy and cold Saturday but perhaps reggae and waffles were not meant to be. Dougie suspects that it was an off night for the waffles as she had previously experienced delightful waffles from this establishment. One plain waffle was ordered, served with butter and syrup as a waffle was meant to be, and one special: topped with powered sugar, fresh strawberries, and chocolate (note: Dougie quite dislikes chocolate but finds it tolerable in small quantities. In this case it was a rich dark chocolate and complimented the strawberries).

The official report is: the waffle itself was too soft and battery, this waffle is in need of a more golden colour, a crispier outside, and fluffier inside. The beverages on the other hand were delicious. An old school chocolate milk for Bill and real brewed iced tea for Dougie. Critical Bill has a deep-seated philosophy regarding the purveying of the waffle: “They are best served in places with the words ‘cafe’ or ‘diner’ in the title by an older lady named Bev or Flo in a uniform and she calls you ‘hon’, if she is smoking all the better. A place with ‘Cha’ in the name and being served by a hipster dufus named Chad who calls you Dude probably is not going to resonate.” But, then again, Bill longs for a simpler time.

It should be noted that the company was quite enjoyable and thus the inaugural meeting of the International Supreme Council of Waffles marked the beginning of the mission to find the best waffle. Closing remarks, Critical Bill says the waffle was, “Dressed up but no party”. Rating: Dougie and Bill: 2/5 Waffles.

Archival photo from Dougie’s one of a kind analog Waffle Log Blog circa 2015