Hangover Waffles

Place: The Pint on Whyte
April 24th, 2016

Waffle of the Week: Chocolate Strawberry.

Disclaimer: Sly doesn’t like chocolate, so this review has a slightly higher than usual bias.

Here at the Waffle Log Blog we don’t like to dwell on unsatisfactory waffles for too long, the ISCoW thinks it’s best to acknowledge the experience, learn, and move on. So, having said that let’s get on with it.

This waffle was deceptively golden in colour and visually appealing with whimsical toppings of chocolate and strawberries. Though the exterior was crisp the inside what flavourless and disappointingly crumbly. Sly acknowledges that The Pint Public House and Sports Bar is more suited for burgers, wings, and obviously: pints of beer. Sly had a caesar to cure herself of the hangover Fun Time Douglas had inflicted upon her. It was everything she had hoped for and more with a bonus pepperoni stick serving as a meaty garnish with the beverage.

Before you lose your mind and start accusing Sly for her dislike of chocolate, there’s room for everyone here at the Waffle Log Blog. Chocolate lovers and dislikers and any which preference in between. The ISCoW would also like to point out that her dislike of chocolate means there’s more for you and no sharing required. “You’re welcome” she says.

The Pint’s hangover brunch does offer bottomless tater tots. You’ve been advised and/or warned.


Sly: 2/5