Prologue to The Waffle Log Blog

We had our official welcome from Critical Bill and now it’s Dougie’s turn to chime and give you her welcome to the blog because some of you might be asking things like, “why?” and “what the hell?”
Perhaps this will clear things up.

Many might struggle to find purpose. Or find purpose in the struggle. Before I get carried away I will remind you, reader, that this will be a blog about waffles, so stay with me for a moment so we can get on with it.

I enjoy trying to find purpose through positive means. Means such as small celebrations. I don’t mean celebrations as in over-fraught birthdays, anniversaries, or graduations. I mean celebrations of very little consequence but symbolically they are meaningful. Some people call this celebrating “the little things”. Also, before anyone gets too excited, when I say meaningful I don’t necessarily mean profound, so calm down, life isn’t always a series of epiphanies and enlightening experiences. I simply mean recognizing the moment with others or alone, whatever little thing you are quietly celebrating, is nice. Another way of saying it is, let yourself enjoy little moments in your life by recognizing them.

With some of these little things, like visiting Café del Dave, I repeat the celebration almost every day. We have our coffee and discuss various topics at length until that moment comes when we realize our conversation has concluded and our work is done, Café del Dave has come to a close, until next time (tomorrow). It’s more than the sum of its parts though. It’s not just a routine. It’s not structured like a wacky ritual. It’s a celebration, of a seemingly small thing, but it has meaning to those involved, if you let yourself realize it.

So far this prologue has had nothing to do with waffles. I apologize. I have a shared a small piece of my personal perspective to give context for another one of my favorite activities. The International Supreme Council of Waffles. This is the search for the best waffle. The search has started in Edmonton but has already gone international.

Life can be hard. Have a waffle.

With each waffle review remember, it’s a little celebration and it’s nice.

Dougie signing off.