Coconut Whipped Cream

Tiramisu Bistro, Edmonton
March 7th, 2017

Colour: not quite golden
Flavour: savory 
Outside: needed more crisp
Inside: fluffy and tasty 
Toppings: coconut whipped cream

Dougie wants to thank special traveling guest, Denton, for joining her for this waffle. Denton has experience food blogging when he set out to document as many plates of nachos as he could in Halifax for: Eat This Town. Denton is also very well known for his impeccable fashion featuring loud prints! He is envied across the land and Edmonton misses him very much.

This waffle was a golden delight and the fresh fruit was a succulent bonus. Bananas and coconut are always a real winning pair. However, because the waffle lacked a crispy exterior there was too much syrup absorption causing the waffle to soften too quickly.

The bacon was excellent and came in a very generous portion!

Presentation was a treat for the eyes. See for yourself:

Coconut whipped cream with maple syrup was a surprising combination to consider in future breakfasts! Such synergy! 

3 Limes in the coconut and shake it all up! (this means it was good) – Denton

3.9/5 – Dougie