Not So Trivial

Place: Smitty’s Gateway Blvd/Calgary Trail
I don’t remember but it was Shark Week 2015

Fun Time Douglas and Critical Bill set out on a more spontaneous waffle adventure and ended up at Smitty’s with what you could only call awkward décor with seemingly superfluous wooden beams and metal siding to create an effect? Dougie and Bill, with out intent, sat each facing appropriate televisions. Bill faced the Baseball game and Dougie faced Shark Week on the Discovery channel. Two waffles with two sides of bacon were ordered (what did you expect?) and the service was top-notch. Basically, the waffle itself was fine. As Dougie and Bill agreed, there was nothing wrong with it but also nothing great about it. It was the ultimate mediocre waffle. If you’re looking for your extra regular average waffle, check out Smitty’s. The council made a note; Bill was served a generous portion of bacon and Dougie was not.  She even remarked that she may have been jipped. Bacon jipped. Bill shared his bacon because despite his critical nature he is a pretty friendly fella. 

The highlight of Smitty’s was the bottle of Heinz Ketchup (this is not a product placement). The Ketchup bottle had a QR-Code that a smartphone could scan and it lead the user to a mobile game of Trivial Pursuit. Fun Time Douglas and Critical Bill love trivia. They agreed that they would play until they solved all six categories in a row. It did not take long between Bill’s knowledge of sports and Dougie’s knowledge of cartoons and their combined interest in history and geography. 

Fun Time Douglas: 2-2.5/5
Critical Bill: 3/5