A Solo Yolk

Place: Yolks, Vancouver
November 1st, 2016

Dougie ventured out on her own for a second waffle adventure in Vancouver. She felt like a bit of a dolt ordering the sweet Belgian Waffles at an establishment called Yolks, prided on their perfectly poached eggs. But, alas, Dougie takes her role as a Waffle-officer seriously, it’s part of her waffle-osophy. So, with the promise of perfect yolks foregone she ordered that sweet Belgian Waffle with definitive resolve.

Let’s get down to business. Dougie was entertained by the lively foot and road traffic on Broadway as she perched on the cozy barstool in the window. ‘Oh my goodness,” Dougie exclaimed when the waffle arrived at her window seat. The presentation and dusting of icing sugar made for a whimsical display almost too delightful to eat (in fact the real estate on the rectangle plate was difficult to navigate with the tower of waffles. Dougie deftly dissected the display).

Overall flavour and crispy exterior were excellent but the interior was a little dry. The slice of triangular butter added to the layered display but wasn’t practical for spreading. There was a fantastic helping of bacon and the fruit bowl drizzled with honey, lemon, and mint was superb. The attention to fruit bowl elevation made a usually cheap breakfast addition really standout. Refreshing! 

Dougie also thoroughly enjoyed the service, her server was charming, kind, and gave her very helpful directions to navigate the transit system.


Scandalously Delicious

Place: Scandelicious, Vancouver
October 29th, 2016

Fun Time Douglas took a spontaneous journey to Vancouver Land during Halloween 2016 to visit her dear friend, Paige: Against The Machine. On this journey Fun Time Douglas was treated to spooky weather, long walks, museums, music, and a firework display that was most unexpected (but welcomed!) But that’s not why you’re here. Let’s get on with it…

Thanks to a travel savvy coworker a few waffle establishments were suggested to Fun Time Douglas before she embarked on this coastal excursion. First up: Scandelicious was charmingly Scandinavian in theme with Viking-like adornments and overall cozy atmosphere. Observing the chalk board display Fun Time Douglas marvelled at their dedication to waffles. The menu was extensive and the styles diverse!

Paige Against the Machine selected the Chicken and Waffles selection on the menu. And here are her notes:

Meat to waffle ratio was perfect.
Chicken was great, scrumptious even.
Sour cream was an unexpected addition, though a pleasant one.
Did not use the syrup because Paige Against the Machine does not like sweet savoury combos because it’s “weird”.
However, maple bacon was more than acceptable!

Fun Time Douglas ordered two waffles because she’s a dedicated ISCoW member and, well, she was on vacation right? That’s a justifiable reason to indulge in gluttonous activities. The first waffle sampled was the Classic waffle with butter and syrup, of course. The waffle was a warm golden hue, the pre melted butter a revelation (previously realized), the flavour was a balanced sweet and savory with airy pockets that delivered syrup. The only note that Fun Time Douglas noted was that it could have been crispier.

Fun Time Douglas is a prairie born and raised individual, so, when visiting any kind of waterfront location she makes a point of ordering water dwelling food items. The smoked salmon, caper, and onion waffle with cream cheese was a real g’damn treat.

Perhaps two waffles was too ambitious but, “I regret nothing” Funtime Douglas stated.

Let’s also recognize how gorgeous the sunshine on the damn near harbour front patio was. Gorgeous. The company kept was perfect and not just the coffee and sunshine but Paige Against the Machine brought her A-Waffle-Game and was an excellent transplanted Vacouverite host.


Paige Against the Machine: 4/5
Fun Time Douglas: 4.1/5