Chicken & Waffle-wiches

Place: Daravara, Edmonton
Date: August 14th,  2015

Accompanied by her professional work day colleagues Dougie dared to order an intimidating sandwich at the chosen lunch out location. The ginormous Waffle Clubhouse from Daravara was a feat (and feast!) to behold. The size certainly made it a challenge to consume if one was to respect any semblance of decent table manners. So, “fuck it” Dougie thought, “I’m going in” and tackled this behemoth foregoing utensils and etiquette.

Cheddar cheese oozed from the inside of the waffle, a surprise to Dougie, a pleasant surprise. The waffle was golden in colour, fluffy and cheesy, had a nice crisp exterior, and was quite savory. Acknowledging that this “waffle-wich” was probably accurately served without syrup Dougie still longed for the touch of sweetness to accompany the mouth-watering meats: juicy chicken breast and thick smokey bacon.

It is important to note that this was Dougie’s first (official) chicken and waffles and the analog waffle log blog reads, “not comparable” to the traditional breakfast waffles. However, since the inception of the International Supreme Council of Waffles the chicken and waffles scene has exploded in Edmonton and abroad. So, the Council recognizes the chicken and waffles pairing to be judged among all other waffles.

Anyways, overall, it was an exciting waffle experience though the difficulty of navigating the waffle clubhouse into one’s mouth makes it a dicey decision to revisit. Unless you enjoy a challenge for lunch.

Not that this is relevant to the Waffle Log Blog, but, Daravara has the best french fries in town. I have no dedicated french fry blog but I feel confident in stating this. Fry Fans come at me.