Border Dispute

Cross Roads Diner, Abbostford
March 2017
Cross Roads Restaurant

The gaggle of nerds that road tripped to Seattle in the spring of 2017 were sufficiently depleted of energy after several days of convention hustling, partying, and Seattle exploring. Once the Canadians crossed the border we indulged in diner delights at the Cross Roads Restaurant. Charmingly dingy in it’s outdated decor and staffed by a sullen woman it was just the place to refuel before hitting the B.C. Mountain highways.

Buttermilk waffle, good Flavour, whipped butter, could be crispier, bacon was A+, overall a tasty mom and pop shop diner waffle. 4/5 – Dougie 

“Im really clinging on to this life thing” – Danny.

I quite liked it, deep pockets held syrup. There’s kind of a floor of how “bad” a waffle can be. And this one was pretty good. 30/37 – Heffe.

Nice grid pattern, cracked in the middle but that’s ok. It was warm. Middle not warm enough. 8/10 – Danderson. 

Outside too soft but edge was crispy. Light fluffy texture inside, the sausage was the right side and shape to dip into the syrup 6.5/Buttons – Marie

[Picture missing, do any of you have picures?]

Emerald City Waffle Con

Sweet Iron Waffle Bar
March 2017

T’was the 2017 nerd herd expedition to Seattle for Emerald City Comic Con and Moonie was a thorough waffle researcher and discovered a MAX CAPACITY: 12 person waffle joint. Danderson, Moonie, and Dougie took up 3 out of 12 seats in the closet-sized restaurant.

The menu was quite decadent with some of the most unique and gourmet waffles the group had ever laid eyes on.

Roasted butternut squash, blue cheese, honey walnuts was chosen by Dougie. The waffle was a yeasted brioche style batter with pearl sugar inside of it. The combination of sweet and savoury toppings was a culinary delight and flavour explosion. The waffles were a bit too heavy to be a crisp as Dougie prefers but the flavours were exceptional.


Batter Up, Big Apple

Sweet Chick, on the Lower East Side, New York City
January 2017

I went to New York and all I got was this baggy T-Shirt.

I joke! I went to New York and I experienced immense museums, delicious dining, hysterical comedy, powerful live music, and a completely bonkers New Years Eve Surrealist Ball. But that’s not what you want to hear about it is? No! You want waffles! So without any further distraction:

Sweet chick waffle $12
Fresh berries, ricotta, spiced honey

  • Outside: CRISP!
  • Inside: FLUFFY!
  • Flavour: Balance of sweet and savory tickling the tongue!
  • Colour: GOLDEN!
  • Toppings: Refreshing and rich!

I know I am a huge spokesperson for the vehicular properties of waffles especially in regard to how they deliver butter and syrup to your mouth. This statement is still true. However, I do appreciate the new horizons the Waffle Log Blog opens me up to. I truly appreciate visiting various restaurants with skilled chefs creating new profiles of flavour within the ever supportive squares of waffles.

This is all to say: the fresh fruit is always a nice addition to all breakfasts but the real remarkable ingredients on this waffle was the ricotta cheese and spiced honey. Everything combined was a delectable feast for the eyes and the mouth. Especially the spiced honey. I had never tasted anything like it before.

Sweet Chick claims to have the best waffles in New York City and my vacation was not nearly long enough to put that statement to the test but I’ll readily admit they were some of the best waffles I have tasted.

Sweet Chick NYC Gallery:

For the Chicken and Waffle frenzied folks I made note that the menu includes Chicken and Waffles with your choice of waffle and a vegetarian chicken option.

Chicken and waffles
Fried Chicken and Waffles with Choice of Waffle: Classic, Bacon-Cheddar, Dried Cherry, Rosemary-Mushroom, Apple Cinnamon or Spiced-Pecan
(vegetarian fried chicken available)

I did not try this item despite it’s appetizing options and decided on the classic waffle in the spirit of fairness and I have already indulged in some amazing fried chicken at the ridiculous fun Brooklyn Bowl the night prior (I think I dreamed of a place like Brooklyn Bowl when I was younger: a music venue, a bowling alley, and a fried chicken restaurant. Amazing).

On with the rating!

Sweet Chick Waffle
4.8/5 – Fun Time Douglas

Schrödinger’s Waffle

The Sugarbowl Cafe
December 8th, 2016

June of 2016 marks an important time in ISCoW (International Supreme Council of Waffles) history: the Calgary Waffle Club was formed. Expansion of waffle enthusiasm is a much celebrated event! Time and again, Dougie meets with the Calgary delegates, usually at Buttermilk Fine Waffles, but in December of 2016 a Calgary Waffle Club Delegate ventured up north and a meeting was held.

The Director and Dougie met at one of the University of Alberta’s popular watering hole/eateries: The Sugarbowl. Always a cozy experience (read: small restaurant with constant clientele) the duo of wafflers shared a table with a pair of strangers and their meals were ordered: The Chicken and Waffles.

The Director would like the preface the following review with: what came first? The Chicken or the waffle? Obviously the living breathing chickens of the universe came first but I this question intrigues culinary minds to track the history of fried chicken, of waffles, and of their eventual partnership in the now seemingly trendy dish of Chicken and Waffles. If you must know you should read about Southern United States cooking.

Now, we dish:

The waffle was soft, perhaps too soft, on it’s own. The chicken was: engaging. The watermelon salsa that it was served with was insane on the taste buds really levelling up the chicken, with the waffle, with the salsa. Commendations for the combo.

The chicken and the waffle were perfectly integrated, The Director stated, it was as if the chicken could not exist without the waffle and the waffle could not exist without the chicken to accomplish the flavour that was experienced. This chicken and this waffle existed in the same quantum superposition… Or something.

Overall, the waffle was mediocre but excellent chicken and surprising salsa topping made this dish soar.

Ratings rang out ditto and likewise:

Dougie & The Director: 4.5/5 as the complete dish. 3.3/5 for the waffle alone.

美味しい – oishii

November 2016

Dougie has a confession to make.

Though this is blog dedicated to waffles she has to admit her deep love of noodles. Rice noodles, pasta noodles, buckwheat noodles, zucchini noodles, sweet potato noodles, cold noodles, instant noodles, hot noodles, deep fried noodles, udon noodles, spicy noodles, all of the noodles.

Anyways, Dougie and smoonie went out for noodles. Ramen noodles. Ramen joints have also exploded in popularity and Dougie says, “noodle on”.

Okay, Dougie got to make her confession… But, so what? Why do YOU, oh faithful Waffle Log Blog readers, care? Well, much to the surprise of Dougie and her noodle-companion, smoonie, there was a waffle on the dessert menu! What an unexpected treat! Noodles and waffles together at last!

Dougie and smoonie had spent an intensive day dealing with mouse-abatement in a hundred year old basement so they worked up a significant appetite. So, after devouring a bowl of the best ramen in town, they were still eagerly anticipating dessert waffles.

The “Waffle Yaki” came out: two golden waffles stuffed with sweet red bean paste, drizzled with chocolate, and topped with ice cream The waffles were a touch too soft but excellent flavor: that ideal balance of sweet and savory batter. The red bean added a nice semi sweet flavour and luscious texture to the dessert. This waffle is at it’s prime when when hot n’ fresh. Also, Dougie and smoonie would like to note that it was an excellent compact waffle, an appropriate portion, and had a strong presentation game; it was a feast for the eyes too.

The owner was very proud of their homemade and made to order status. It wasn’t lost on the Sylvias.

4/5 Dougie
3.5/5 smoonie 

Scandalously Delicious

Place: Scandelicious, Vancouver
October 29th, 2016

Fun Time Douglas took a spontaneous journey to Vancouver Land during Halloween 2016 to visit her dear friend, Paige: Against The Machine. On this journey Fun Time Douglas was treated to spooky weather, long walks, museums, music, and a firework display that was most unexpected (but welcomed!) But that’s not why you’re here. Let’s get on with it…

Thanks to a travel savvy coworker a few waffle establishments were suggested to Fun Time Douglas before she embarked on this coastal excursion. First up: Scandelicious was charmingly Scandinavian in theme with Viking-like adornments and overall cozy atmosphere. Observing the chalk board display Fun Time Douglas marvelled at their dedication to waffles. The menu was extensive and the styles diverse!

Paige Against the Machine selected the Chicken and Waffles selection on the menu. And here are her notes:

Meat to waffle ratio was perfect.
Chicken was great, scrumptious even.
Sour cream was an unexpected addition, though a pleasant one.
Did not use the syrup because Paige Against the Machine does not like sweet savoury combos because it’s “weird”.
However, maple bacon was more than acceptable!

Fun Time Douglas ordered two waffles because she’s a dedicated ISCoW member and, well, she was on vacation right? That’s a justifiable reason to indulge in gluttonous activities. The first waffle sampled was the Classic waffle with butter and syrup, of course. The waffle was a warm golden hue, the pre melted butter a revelation (previously realized), the flavour was a balanced sweet and savory with airy pockets that delivered syrup. The only note that Fun Time Douglas noted was that it could have been crispier.

Fun Time Douglas is a prairie born and raised individual, so, when visiting any kind of waterfront location she makes a point of ordering water dwelling food items. The smoked salmon, caper, and onion waffle with cream cheese was a real g’damn treat.

Perhaps two waffles was too ambitious but, “I regret nothing” Funtime Douglas stated.

Let’s also recognize how gorgeous the sunshine on the damn near harbour front patio was. Gorgeous. The company kept was perfect and not just the coffee and sunshine but Paige Against the Machine brought her A-Waffle-Game and was an excellent transplanted Vacouverite host.


Paige Against the Machine: 4/5
Fun Time Douglas: 4.1/5

MEAT for Breakfast

Place: MEAT, Edmonton
August 22nd, 2016

In 2016 The Brunch Crew was going strong with bunches of Sunday brunches that would often spiral into Sunday Fundays. However, this isn’t a Sunday Funday blog. Those adventures shall remain responsibly undocumented except for the fond memories.

The dollop of fluffy whipped butter took centre stage on this waffle while the waffle itself was a reliable, raw sugar infused, vehicle for the toppings. Crisp, golden, and quite the sweet treat. The sugar in the batter was an excellent companion to the rich and juicy fried chicken. The chicken was, as you might expect from a restaurant called MEAT, well crafted and incredibly delicious.

The only less than amazing comment Dougie to be made about these waffles is that they were, perhaps, too heavy on the inside lacking that light fluffy interior that the ISCoW adores.

The savoury seasoning on the chicken with the nearly candied waffle and rosemary maple syrup made a handsome and delicious pair.

Additionally, the beverages were of note: a black coffee, a tall glass of water, and a bourbon caesar. Quite the combination for a Sunday Funday.

Rating: 4.7/5

Chicken & Waffle-wiches

Place: Daravara, Edmonton
Date: August 14th,  2015

Accompanied by her professional work day colleagues Dougie dared to order an intimidating sandwich at the chosen lunch out location. The ginormous Waffle Clubhouse from Daravara was a feat (and feast!) to behold. The size certainly made it a challenge to consume if one was to respect any semblance of decent table manners. So, “fuck it” Dougie thought, “I’m going in” and tackled this behemoth foregoing utensils and etiquette.

Cheddar cheese oozed from the inside of the waffle, a surprise to Dougie, a pleasant surprise. The waffle was golden in colour, fluffy and cheesy, had a nice crisp exterior, and was quite savory. Acknowledging that this “waffle-wich” was probably accurately served without syrup Dougie still longed for the touch of sweetness to accompany the mouth-watering meats: juicy chicken breast and thick smokey bacon.

It is important to note that this was Dougie’s first (official) chicken and waffles and the analog waffle log blog reads, “not comparable” to the traditional breakfast waffles. However, since the inception of the International Supreme Council of Waffles the chicken and waffles scene has exploded in Edmonton and abroad. So, the Council recognizes the chicken and waffles pairing to be judged among all other waffles.

Anyways, overall, it was an exciting waffle experience though the difficulty of navigating the waffle clubhouse into one’s mouth makes it a dicey decision to revisit. Unless you enjoy a challenge for lunch.

Not that this is relevant to the Waffle Log Blog, but, Daravara has the best french fries in town. I have no dedicated french fry blog but I feel confident in stating this. Fry Fans come at me.



Engineered To Near Perfection

Place: Buttermilk Fine Waffles, Calgary
October 12th, 2015 (and ongoing)

So, Fun Time Douglas (Dougie) visits Calgary frequently and needed to redeem the previous waffle experience in the city to the south (read at your own risk here). The Council also welcomes back the guest waffler, Even More Fun Time Douglas (a.k.a. Arelasaurus) for her comeback. This time Arel’s reconnaissance delved deeper in the Calgary’s waffle scene and she reviewed reviews and cross-examined recommendations. So, the sisters embarked to a new establishment called, Buttermilk Fine Waffles. On 17th Avenue the restaurant had a youthful appeal with a hip design, not exactly Dougie’s style as she leans towards the classic diner aesthetic, but Arelasaurus dug it. The service was cafeteria style so the Dougie-Duo sat at the bar to see the waffle action as it happened. Arel marvelled at the high tech orange juicing machine and Dougie made note that this establishment was solely dedicated to waffles. Noble, indeed.

Notably, Buttermilk has been the first restaurant with good coffee (special note: coffee was not had at Cha Island, so it’s exempt from this statement and besides Dougie has it on good authority that the coffee is excellent). The coffee comes from local Calgary coffee roasters Phil & Sebastian. Other important features are not just the waffle prep system, high tech waffle irons, and friendly staff but the real maple syrup and a revelation to Dougie, pre-melted butter. Genius.

Arel ordered the Ham Waffle served with ham, asiago cheese, grana padano, and green onion. Her main comment was, “the toasted cheese is DYNAMITE.”

Dougie ordered The Classic, of course. Served with the pre-melted butter and real maple syrup. What did she think about this hip new waffle? Well… The notes read:

“Evenly cooked and golden! Crispy outside! Fluffy inside! The pre-melted butter was an excellent bonus accompanied by the real maple syrup. It was a lovely balance of a slightly savory waffle with sweet syrupy goodness.” What else could be said about this waffle, it’s everything Dougie had been looking for. 


Fun Time Douglas: 4.9/5
Even More Fun Time Douglas: 4.75/5

Why a 4.9/5 and not a 5? That would mean subscribing to the value system that perfection is attainable, a state of unflawed completeness. There are certain implications of believing that the subjective can be perfect. After all, the subject of the waffle is indeed subjective.

Since the Dougie-Duo was sitting up at the waffle bar the owner of Buttermilk overheard Dougie’s enthusiastic praise and he shared some waffle secrets, which will not be uttered here. He’s running a great business down there at Buttermilk Fine Waffles with Movie Mondays and a modest collection of board games.

Perhaps needless to say at this point but Dougie visits Buttermilk Fine Waffles almost every time she visits Calgary, which, as it was mentioned already is quite frequently. In fact, during a summery June night of some serious karaoke Dougie discovered (after raving about waffles to her karaoke cohorts) that these pals also had a deep appreciation of waffles. And thus the Calgary Waffle Club was formed as an extension of the International Supreme Council of Waffles. It should be noted that the YYC Waffle Club does some serious research but we tend to convene at this favoured establishment for revelry and waffles.

The menu has a great selection of sweet and savoury options with a seasonal waffle adding variety making a trip to Buttermilk Fine Waffles an absolute treat. These waffles could not come more highly recommended.

Thanks for reading this slightly longer, but warranted, Waffle Log Blog post. See you on the flip side, wafflers!

Business & Waffles

Lunch conferences are overcrowded, dinner meetings are a drag, but breakfast business, or business breakfast, is a delight.

Place: Artisan Resto-Café on Whyte Avenue
Fall 2015 

This meeting of the International Supreme Council of Waffles (ISCoW) was a multipurpose meeting so the notes are brief because Critical Bill and Dougie were met by the Admiral to speak on other business.

The Council also notes that the Admiral is an unexpectedly harsh judge of waffles though a very generous judge of character. Translating his review into a colloquialism you could say the waffles were not ‘the business’.

“Here’s the skinny,” Dougie reports, “A+, crisp and fluffy. An excellent delivery system.”

The Admiral: 3/5
Critical Bill: 4/5
Dougie: 4.5/5