Waffle Suplex

Wrestling & Waffles at the Doug House for the Elimination Chamber Match February 12th, 2017.

The gang gathered for a wholesome Sunday night Wrestling pay-per-view and suplexed some waffles while they were at it. A buttermilk cornmeal recipe from the infamous Will It Waffle book was used and fruit, syrup, and butter were the tasty toppings.

The Death Star waffle maker was fully operational.

With a tip from Moon Unit Alpha tipped Dougie off to a MINI waffle maker. It’s high powered little gadget that actually produces the perfect sized waffle when you think about it. It offers the opportunity to customize the flavour of many tiny waffles as opposed to trying to section off a larger waffle.

The excitement of wrestling overshadowed my note-taking for these waffles so I revisit this recipe in a later post! But, I can say: it was pretty good! Especially if you are a fan of corn bread and the flavour of buttermilk. Yum! The Will It Waffle book is a great read of 53 recipes and really takes the waffle iron unexpected places…

The Miz’s look of shock and horror when Baron Corbin threw AJ Styles into one of the chamber walls: 5/5
The waffles 3/5

The Homemade Waffle

The International Supreme Council of Waffles is pleased to introduce our first blog by submission (as in it wasn’t written by the founding members). This one comes from the versatile and discerning Mr. Fixit from his family reunion vacation. Enjoy!

Raven Creek Farm (near Oakburn MB)
August 7th, 2017
Rural Correspondent:  Mr. Fixit


Chef: Uncle Roger (beekeeper, candlemaker). Rog loves to fire up the waffle iron, and made a productive morning by churning out a stack of classic ones.

The toppings were a la carte, so I went with Some Of Everything including fruit, jam, yogurt and a drizzle of honey.

I think I got the first waffle of the batch, which like many food productions can tend to be sacrificial, so it was darker than the rest but still to my liking. It wouldn’t have won in a waffle-off, although some of the others in the batch looked right on the mark.

Of course, this particular waffle was made more impactful by the setting (well-loved farm; mild, sunny morning) and my own condition (freshly washed in the outdoor shower; corporeally caught up at the deluxe outhouse).


Editorial note from Dougie: waffle experiences are heightened by the atmosphere and especially the company kept. This is a good time to remind you readers why we do what we do: Prologue to the Waffle Log Blog. We’re wishing Mr. Fixit continued camaraderie, comforts, and safe travels.